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Real Madrid – Manchester City: Pep Guardiola’s shock reaction to his latest failure in Europe

The Catalan coach had the look of bad days in front of the media, after the defeat of his team at the Santiago Bernabeu. And he opened the door to a departure…

A new disillusionment. The Champions League will not be for this season, neither for Manchester City, which has never tasted the joys of a title in the greatest of European competitions, nor for Pep Guardiola, who has been waiting to lift the cup with the big ears since his departure from Barça. In the hours following this match, the Iberian tactician is likely to receive a lot of criticism in the English media.

And he is visibly aware of it, since he had a discouraged look after the game. “In the first half we didn’t know how to play and when we finally played well, we had the 2-0 within our reach, we shouldn’t have wasted time. They put a lot of people in attack, with Militao, Asensio, Rodrygo, they put balls in the box and found the two goals, “first explained a very bitter Guardiola in front of the cameras of Movistar, Spanish broadcaster of the competition.

He opens the door to a departure of City

“No, I never thought we were qualified, they had to score two goals and we knew they were capable of it. Their history proves it. We must congratulate them and Liverpool,” added the Catalan, before complaining: “In extra time, it was not played, there were many interruptions. It’s a hard blow, it’s normal, but we played badly in the first half, and when we finally managed to be good…”

Then he was asked about the citizen project and his future: “I do not know, I am happy and we have done great things here, but… We are here for now, we will see in the future. What leaves the doubt, while the next few days may be very long for him, his staff and his players …

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