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PSG-OM: a Classic without any flavor

Who says Classic says often warm atmosphere. But on Sunday night at the Parc des Princes, it was not so, mainly because of the announced strike of the Collectif Ultra Paris and several Parisian supporters.

Like every season, it is one of the most expected matches, even the most expected. A PSG-OM, a match between two rivals and which often smells of sulfur. But on Sunday night, for this match of the 32nd day of Ligue 1, we can say that few people have really vibrated. As soon as we left the parking lot, near the Porte d’Auteuil, we can’t say that it was a party near the Parc des Princes. Apart from two firecrackers, our arrival at the stadium around 7:30 pm was more than quiet.

After the security controls, we are now in the press box of the Parc des Princes, and the least we can say is that the place did not really resound. Apart from the nice atmosphere during the players’ entrance with the little game of fireworks organized by the club of the capital, the fans did not answer present. On our left, as expected, the Collectif Ultra Paris had put its tarpaulin upside down, thus continuing its strike of the encouragements. It was expected, and it was felt a lot.

The strong message of Marquinhos to the fans

Of course, on the opening goal of Neymar or the penalty of Kylian Mbappé, the Parc des Princes exulted for its heroes. Otherwise, apart from that, the shouts of the Parisian fans were light, or even non-existent. Many colleagues had the same feeling, the same feeling, of this Parc des Princes almost empty. But that’s not all. Asked at the final whistle by Prime Video about the atmosphere of the evening, the captain of Paris Saint-Germain Marquinhos had not hidden his disappointment and amazement.

“We will remember the victory. It was a match to win. With the manner, it’s better, but the most important thing was to win. We were not there to play well and lose. We wanted to win. We took 3 points against a team fighting for the title. We showed that we didn’t give up. The atmosphere, honestly, I didn’t expect that. It was a classic. It wasn’t the time to do that. We understand, but we had to leave our pride behind tonight. As a player, I do not agree,” sent the Brazilian.

Pochettino understands but…

A few minutes after the words of his captain, the Parisian technician Mauricio Pochettino also asked about the subject in press conference. And the answer was almost similar: “the last game, the fans showed their disappointment. As I have always said, we have a freedom of expression and this is their way, we must respect it. We would always like to have our supporters. It is something that is not insignificant to win a tenth title. It would be nice to live it with the people who make up the club and with the fans.”

Despite the victory against rival Marseille, Paris SG then decided not to send any player to the mixed zone, as often this season. Was it a way to dodge questions about the team’s play or about the gloomy atmosphere? Nobody will know, but what is sure is that this PSG-OM match of April 17, 2022 will not remain in the annals. Some people around us have even spoken of one of the worst Classics in history. That’s saying a lot.


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