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OM: how to get back up?

After being eliminated in the Conference League, OM will play big at the end of the season. The Olympians are only three points ahead with a busy schedule. But, today, we wonder how they will raise their heads after such a disillusionment.

A few weeks ago, we wondered what could stop Olympique de Marseille. The Phocéens were solidly second in Ligue 1 with a six-point lead over Monaco and Rennes, and above all the favorites in this double confrontation with Feyenoord in the Conference League semi-final.

But OM also had a week where they could lose everything. First with the trip to Feyenoord and then with the reception of a disappointing Olympique Lyonnais this year, but which always takes a malicious pleasure to defeat the Marseillais. This week ended with two defeats and therefore a loss of three points on the pursuers in Ligue 1, but also with an unfavorable ballot (defeat 2-3 in the Netherlands) for a qualification to the final.

“It is sure that we are a little disappointed”

This Thursday, the Olympians failed to win at the Orange Velodrome (0-0) and are therefore eliminated from the European Cup at a small step from the last step. So obviously, it will take a lot of courage to get up from this disillusionment and resume directly with the championship.

In a press conference on Friday, William Saliba tried to explain how to get back on track. “It is sure that we are a little disappointed, we wanted to go to the end of this long competition. It’s in the first game where we got into trouble. From the beginning of the second game, we took this goal. Even if we pushed, we didn’t manage to score. Yesterday, we lacked some edge. We are a little disappointed. We are disappointed, but not down. We have a goal in the championship. We don’t have time to be downhearted. We know what we didn’t do well, it could have been the first game, we have to forget it quickly. We have our destiny in our hands. We must not regret. The championship is hard, we are second, we must not regret at the end and win these three games, “said the defender before continuing.

“We had moments like that in the season, moments not so good. For two, three games we did not score, we took goals. With this team there is a mental, we always get up, that’s what we will do on Sunday. We’re not going to give up anything to go all the way”, he concludes.

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