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FC Barcelona: Ousmane Dembélé has struck hard

Author of a great performance against Juventus last night, Ousmane Dembélé is praised everywhere in Catalonia this Wednesday.

What a beautiful evening. Ousmane Dembélé sent a very strong message tonight against Juventus. In the space of a few minutes, in the first half, he signed two real golazos. Two individual actions on which we could see all his class, with mystified opposing defenders, audacity, courage, and two perfect finishes. Everything we ask for the Frenchman who, in addition to these two goals that delight Barcelona, has made a very good copy creating danger constantly on his right flank.

“He is a different player, special. He needs to be more consistent, score more goals and give more assists, which was already improved last season. Since November last year, when we (his technical staff) arrived, I see a happy Dembélé . He is always involved and has shown it. That’s why I insisted so much for him to stay,” said Xavi, his main defender, after the game. Sometimes critical of his level, and annoyed by the soap opera that has lasted for months, the Catalan media were also seduced tonight.

Catalan journalists are at his feet

The match was played late at night, so he is not on the front pages of newspapers closed around midnight, but it is him that we see on the majority of articles in sites like Mundo Deportivo and Sport. “The best Dembélé is back”, reads Sport, where he is given a nice 8/10 in the notes of the game, being the best rated player of the game on the Catalan side. “He tried to make differences to have arguments in his favor in his duel with Raphinha. And he did it in the best way”, writes the media.

Mundo Deportivo also gives him a nice comment: “the Frenchman accepted the challenge, and he signed the two actions of the afternoon with two great zigzags in the defense”. And in an article signed by Santi Nolla, the director of the media, we can read that “if Raphinha made the headlines against Real Madrid, Dembélé did not want to stay on the sidelines and did what he knows best with two cracking actions”. In the Barcelona newspapers, they point out the huge competition that will be in the squad, especially between the Frenchman and the Brazilian. If there is one who rubs his hands, it is Xavi!

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