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FC Barcelona: everyone wants to recruit the Moroccan nugget Abde!

Little used by Xavi Hernandez, the Spanish-Moroccan winger has however a good rating with many clubs.

At the end of 2021, Abde had made some rather successful first appearances with the first team of FC Barcelona. However, since then, the Catalan club has signed several offensive players who have logically closed the doors of the training of Xavi. After the Spain-Morocco soap opera about him, finally won by the Atlas Lions, the former Hercules must be satisfied with the B team of the Catalan club, in the third division.

You will have understood, he is not considered as an indispensable player by the management, and a player of such potential can not be content to play at such a low level. And that’s good, many clubs dream of recruiting him. This weekend, the Italian press revealed an interest from Roma. This Tuesday, Sport said that “half of the clubs in La Liga” want to sign him.
Barça ready to sell him but…

The Catalan newspaper says that these clubs have already come to the news for the player in the framework of a loan. But the club’s idea is still to sell him in case of a financially interesting offer, which will be accepted without too many worries. The possibility of including a buyback option is also considered by the Barcelona leaders, who are aware of the potential of the man and do not want to take the risk of losing him permanently.

A nice check may fall within a few weeks, and it will be good for this Barça who hopes to recruit heavy during the next summer mercato, while still being handicapped by a difficult financial situation. Notice to those interested, a player with great potential will be available this summer!

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