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Edinson Cavani plays with the nerves of his followers

Despite proposals, some of them attractive from a financial point of view, or interesting from a sporting point of view, Edinson Cavani is still waiting for the right offer.

It is August 5, the season resumes tomorrow for most major European leagues and Edinson Cavani has still not found a club. Free since his departure at the end of his contract from Manchester United, the striker has however many courtiers. He has been mentioned on the side of Nice but especially in La Liga and Serie A where Villarreal, Monza and Salernitana have made proposals.

That’s what this is all about. For a while now, these offers have been made to him and he is playing for time. Currently in Uruguay, where he is training to be at his best the day he returns to the collective training, he is patiently waiting for a better opportunity to present itself to him. In fact, as Sky Sport Italia says, he hopes to play in the Champions League.

Cavani plays the clock

Of course, the Yellow Submarine does not offer him this opportunity, let alone the two Italian clubs, one of which is promoted and the other plays the maintenance. The formation coached by Unai Emery, whom he knew well at PSG, is nevertheless waiting for him for several days now. An agreement was even found almost three weeks ago but El Matador has still not decided to give the final big yes.

The Spanish management is therefore putting pressure on him to decide, also for fear that better proposals arrive on the desk of his half-brother and representative, Walter Guglielmone. According to Sky Italia, Salernitana has also made a nice offer by proposing a contract at € 3 million per season and especially a bonus of € 100,000 per goal scored. Enough to make you want to score in every game.


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